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The B Team supports their Teammate, Dario Deane during his 9th Annual Jimmy Fund Walk.


Written by: League Administrator
Monday, October 19, 2015

getpic.php?id=72In 2006, The Deane family's life would forever change. Their son, Dario was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 4. For the next two years his parents Jen & Eric brought Dario in and out of Dana Farber and Children's Hospital for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. "The struggles a family endures during this time is catastrophic, the inability to work, see other children and family is devastating to the whole family as a well as the patient, said Jen." The financial burden is one that the Deane family hopes and wishes no one has to endure. But with the Jimmy Fund raising money for cures, better treatments with less side effects, increased cure rates, and financial assistance for the families, so they can spend time with their child and not worry so much about bills has the Deane family speaking out. For 9 years the Deane family has fund raised in an effort to raise money for the Jimmy Fund. This year, Dario's teammates took it one step further. After their game on Sunday, September 27, they went into Boston to surprise their teammate and walk with him and "Dario's Army" in support of Dario and the Jimmy Fund. A surprise that only his dad, Eric knew about. The team sported "Dario's Army" T-shirts with "We Got Your Back - Stoughton Raiders" on their backs. They wanted to let their teammate know they had his! We have known Dario since his beginning as a mite, with this year being his last with the program. I can tell you first hand this young man is a blessing. He is always smiling, gives 110%, and is there for his team. A true gentleman. His father, Eric also has been a part of the STOYAC family an Assistant Coach with the program. This is true friendship and sportsmanship at its finest. Great job B Team and always "Stay Strong Dario - We've got your back!!"

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